About Remiko International

At Remiko International, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality interpreting services that help bridge the gap between cultural and linguistic divides. Based in Northern Kentucky, Remiko International offers exceptional quality interpreting services, both simultaneous and consecutive, to businesses and organizations all over the United States and the world.

We provide detailed, accurate, and comprehensive interpretation services for businesses in the manufacturing, engineering, and technology industries. Our interpreters are not mindless machines that convert from language to language: They are thoughtful, skilled, and socially aware professionals with the power to unify a room and smooth out sparks before they turn into confusion and confrontation.

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As a woman and minority-owned small business, we understand the importance of providing quality interpreting services that help our clients succeed in their business ventures. We are committed to providing each client with more than fast and flawless interpretation services but an unsurpassed commitment to delivering an incredible
client experience before, during, and after each task.  Founded in 2021 by Remiko Benninger-Ueda, Remiko International has become one of the industry's most
trusted and respected interpreters. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, accuracy, efficiency, and ability to provide our clients with the most talented, meticulous, and dedicated interpreters in the industry today.

Meet Our Founder, Remiko Benninger-Ueda

Founder and CEO of Remiko International, Remiko Benninger-Ueda, understands that businesses need more than someone who can simply interpret or translate for them: They need an ally and an advocate capable of transcending cultural differences and helping them communicate effectively with others in any language.
After her debut interpreting for a process audit by a German automobile manufacturer in 2010, Remiko went on to build a career helping businesses share vital information despite language barriers. Building a successful career as a freelance interpreter in Japan, Remiko went on to provide technical interpreting services through
several high-profile international incidents, including technical interpreting in response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, nuclear safety policy seminars to foreign delegations, preparing pharmaceutical companies for external audits, and a highly sensitive, time intensive assignment for a multinational airplane manufacturer that had been grounded due a battery failure issue. Known as “the lethal weapon” for her ability to transcend difficult and high-stress assignments, Remiko developed a strong reputation for being a trusted, no-nonsense, accurate interpreter. Fueled further by an ability to deliver accent-free interpreting renowned for the lyrical and poetic delivery, she quickly became the preferred interpreter for opening ceremonies, receptions, and official city and state functions. As a veteran interpreter with over ten years of experience in the United States and Japan, Remiko knows that accurate communication is essential for business success. After moving back to the US in 2015 and serving as an in-house technical interpreter for an automobile company for five years, she founded Remiko International to provide clients with an elevated level of service that exceeds all expectations and creates the space, time, and opportunity to foster relationships, finalize sales, and grow their business.

Be Heard. Be Seen. Be Understood.

At Remiko International, we aim to provide accurate and seamless communication by eliminating language and cultural barriers. We strive to be your communication partner to ensure an equal playing field throughout every facet of your business. Accuracy and quality of interpretation matter, and intimate familiarity with International
culture is a must. Let us be your partner in facilitating your business wins through our language communication services. Contact us today to get started!