Our Services

At Remiko International LLC, we provide detailed, accurate, and comprehensive interpretation services that are culturally sensitive and focused on fostering mutual understanding.  Our strength is in areas of  manufacturing, engineering, and technology industries where precision matters. 


On-Site Interpreting

While many companies have shifted to use of video conferencing instead of frequent overseas trips to conduct meetings, there are still cases where meeting in person matters.  Whether it is for a 2 month machine installation and maintenance training project, a 1 week conference, or a long term construction project with hard hats and safety shoes, will be there to support your business needs ON SITE to maximize time and efficiency.

Remote Interpreting

The landscape of conferencing has permanently changed with the covid-19 pandemic and has accelerated the shift towards the use of remote meeting platforms.  The need for efficient and accurate remote interpreting is greater than ever.  We are here to support all your teleconference, video conference and Teams meeting needs, from a dedicated office space equipped to support your remote meetings.


Business Solutions

Oftentimes language is not the only hindrance in communication.  Bridging the cultural gap is a MUST in order to build confidence and a lasting relationship in a global market.   We at Remiko International offer the following services to cement your organization’s continuous success.

Corporate culture coaching

Too often communication breaks down because of misunderstanding due to differences in cultures.  Japanese and American cultures are distinctly different and having a clear understanding of the differences specific to communication style can vastly improve team building, work efficiency and the drive for outcome.  Let us help you build a corporate culture based on mutual understanding.


In-house interpreter training

Founder, Remiko Benninger-Ueda has an extensive teaching background of giving lectures at Universities and teaching interpreting classes at Inter School, one of the most prominent interpreting schools in Japan.  We can train your in-house bilingual staff into professional interpreters, transforming them into valuable assets within your organization.

Choosing the right mode of interpretation for your success

There are 3 modes of interpreting you may choose from, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and whispering interpretation.  The best mode of interpreting for YOU depends on your specific needs, your set up and your goals.


Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting is the mode of oral translation from one language into the other in REAL TIME.  The interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker, instantly converting what the speaker is saying into the other language.  This requires a high level of concentration and skill.  It is considered the most time efficient and smooth form of interpreting.  Most often used in large conferences and meetings, equipment is required.


Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting is where the speaker will speak a few sentences while the interpreter takes notes.  Then the interpreter speaks when the speaker pauses.  Considered the most accurate form of interpreting however time consuming.  Often used in business meetings. Does not require interpreting equipment.


Whispering Mode Interpreting

Whispering mode interpreting is a form of simultaneous interpretation.  The interpreter communicates what the speaker is saying in REAL TIME however, instead of speaking to all audience members, the interpreter is only speaking to 1-3 members within the larger audience.  The interpreter sits directly behind the members that require interpreting and literally “whispers” the interpretation into the ears of the listeners.  This mode is used when only a few members within a meeting require interpreting. For example the majority in the meeting speak English but only 2 members speak only Japanese.  The interpreter will sit behind those 2 Japanese speakers and whisper the Japanese translation into the ears of the 2 listeners while the meeting goes on in English.